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The Best Flood Proof Doors That Protectes you 24/7

FloodGuard UK Ltd offer a wide choice of Composite and Bespoke doors in a range of natural timber finishes, popular colours and elegant styles. Bespoke doors are hand made from quality seasoned renewable hardwoods, sections are reinforced and hand finished to enhance the look of your home whilst discreetly incorporating our FloodProof ™ Automatic Door Sealing System.



FloodProof ™ doors offer the best possible protection from ingress of flood water and once installed will protect your property 24/7. The FloodProof ™ Automatic Door Sealing System has unique Smart Sensors that activate upon detection of rising flood water. Inflated seals between the door and frame prevent water from passing into the property, the Smart Sensors automatically reset the system as the flood water recedes in anticipation of further flooding.



Flooding is a natural disaster on the rise, capable of ruining day to day lives, homes, and business operations . Victims of flooding have found that they have very little control over how floods impact them, resorting to ineffective and time consuming measures like sandbag barriers which are both unreliable and perishable. Our aim is to provide the public with effective, practical and efficient means to protecting their hard-earned property.


We are a leading innovator in flood protection products and services, standing out from the competition with our unique electronic Automatic Door Sealing System (ADSS). Many other flood mitigation companies use compression seal technology which (disadvantage), whereas the ADSS uses Smart Sensor technology to detect rising water around the entrance, inflating FloodProof seals between the door and frame, preventing the ingress of flood water into your home or workplace



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